PING's new G430 driver

Charles Bell

16 January 2023

Some names can be spotted all over every single Tour: on putters held aloft in victory, on irons attacking pins and on drivers striping balls down the fairways.

PING has earned a reputation as one of the game’s best across all those categories (and more), but today we’re focusing on drivers because the new G430 range has us buzzing to tell you all about it.

First impressions

The obvious place to start here seems to be the looks. The bright-green detailing and sharp, streamlined appearance means they look stunning in the shop. Those looks carry through to the moment you put them behind the golf ball; a tried & tested shape giving you confidence as you stand over the ball knowing you must find the fairway.

PING G430 Max Driver
PING G430 Max Driver

Key tech under the hood

The big headline we’re seeing in these drivers is the optimised T9S+ forged face. This advanced design allows you to generate more ball speed at impact and enjoy more distance as a result. The variable thickness of the face means you get to reap those rewards even when you don’t catch the ball perfectly from the centre. Something that we can all benefit from.

On top of that, the internal rib structure means you’re also getting incredibly desirable sound at impact; giving you the sort of elite-level ball-striking we see every week from PING’s Tour stars.

PING G430 Driver range

Range architecture

We’ll start with the G430 Max driver. This driver is all about giving you maximum consistency and forgiveness. If you’re looking for a driver that helps you keep your drives in play more often, this is the best model for you.

The G430 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) is targeting players with who struggle specifically with the slice by incorporating draw-bias weighting. In fact, this comes with an adjustable CG feature that allows you to add even more draw! Put it all together and it'll help combat those misses to the right.

Finally, we have the G430 LST: a driver boasting Low Spin Technology and made for the best players. By adding Carbonfly Wrap, PING is able to save weight that can then be shifted to lower the centre of gravity and reduce spin on every drive. That helps optimise distance on your drives and is perfect for confident, skilled ball-strikers.

Whichever model you think is right for your game, you can get it through us. But putting the right one in your bag is critical, which is why it’s vital you visit us and take advantage of our professional custom fitting service.

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