Here’s how you can rescue shots

Charles Bell

12 December 2022

PING iCrossover hybrid iron

How many times have you watched a wayward drive sail into the woods, or a well-struck iron still come up short of the target? Confidence ebbs away and shoulders slump. But that’s not the case for those golfers who know they’ve got the right hybrids in their bag…

You might’ve heard hybrid irons sometimes called ‘safety clubs’ to replace misbehaving woods, or you might see them as just adding a bit more welly to an iron shot. But the right hybrid iron can give you more precision to find more fairways and send the ball a long way down there.

PING iCrossover hybrid iron

That’s where PING’s iCrossover hybrid iron come in. Often times, it’s a lack of confidence in your woods that leads to a club like this off-the-tee. The Tour-inspired shape is built around exactly that premise; giving you a look you’ll love at address.

That comes in a crossover iron that also delivers consistent spin & distance and even offers the option of adjusting your ball flight for additional accuracy. With that said, you’ll always be able to reap the rewards of the high launch as it increases stopping power when attacking those greens from further out.

PING iCrossover hybrid iron

While all this clever engineering is great, you can’t always rely on the same club. That’s why PING offers three different options, varying from a 2-Crossover to a 4-Crossover, across two different models.

Make sure you speak to us about getting the right hybrid set-up to lower your scores through our expert fitting service.

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